The simple way to reach thousands of property owners, in minutes.

A Digital “Deal Flow” Platform built for A Landman

A landman’s job starts at the courthouse.

Finding who owns what, mining the data into a magnificent database. But then you have to approach all these owners, and things have changed since mail-merge…

No more cold-calling or envelope-licking

60 Creek is the Landman’s solution for a social, mobile and digital world.

60 Creek boosts deal flow while radically compressing acquisition costs.

Focus Your Acquisitions

Whether you’re developing vast acreage blocks or need to communicate with stakeholders of a single well bore (or both) we can help to refine and enrich your existing data to zero in on the highest priority of communication.

Data Enrichment

Start with your database of names and addresses, then get so much more. Our algorithm will add to other needed data-points to help you get in touch with people in more ways than just one.

One-Place Marketing & Tracking

Upload your list, select your marketing “mix” and schedule when you want it all to go out. You can do a little or a lot, all at once or over a period of time. And when people reply, keep track of what worked and what didn’t.

Buying More is Faster & Simpler (and even Cheaper!)

Designed by a Landman and a Technologist.

Meet Matthew Montgomery (Career Landman) and Chris Rediger (Career Technologist and Developer). These two have cut to the chase and put together a tool that is purpose-built, with no fluff.

Great Land Work, Maximized.

You can put together the best research, but if you can’t reach your target audience on that list, you’ve wasted your effort. We spent years doing it.


  • Keep stronger prospect lists.
  • Reach everyone, through modern channels, quickly & cost effectively
  • Analyze and see your best opportunities.

Be Strong. Let 60 Creek do the heavy lifting.

Coming Soon!

We are moving from our Beta site into our Full-Service platform. If you would like to be added to our list for the release or would like a product demo, please contact us here.