Back Story

We founded 60 Creek on the back of a napkin. On one side, you had a completely viable oil and gas industry that lacked any sophistication in the landman and business development aspects. On the other side of that napkin, you had silicon-valley type digital tools that marketers are using to really move the needle on anything from real estate to razors. So how could we bring these two worlds together?

That’s where this whole idea was born.

A career landman and a technologist worked together to create a platform that did everything that every landman really hates to be doing. We took the archaic methods of mailers, spreadsheets, updates, voicemails & the dreaded ‘letter campaign’ and transformed it. Historically, more than 80% of your time is sucked into tasks and organizing that aren’t part of the real value chain—buying and aggregating interest. 60 Creek is built to handle all of those needs & then some while you maintain clear visibility to your ongoing acquisition campaign. Imagine spending 80% of your time responding to engagements, deal flow and closings rather than that time being wasted organizing, tasking and updating general information.

Meet the Team

Matthew Montgomery

A collegiate Tennis player, Matthew’s racket took him around there world. He’d say it gave him perspective, a truth that, no matter what, there are other ways to do things in life. 

From graduating college until today, he’s been a landman. He initiated and led brokerage in East Texas and Northwest Louisiana with Chesapeake Energy leading lease acquisition; due diligence; title procurement; state regulatory filing & compliance. He managed over 125 full-time agents & managed a budget of over $200M in acquisition & trades.

When the play had ended, he served at a more technical company that then spurred him to become the co-founder of a private equity mineral & royalty acquisition firm where he not only raised the seed capital, but led the private equity funding structure, and upsize commitment negotiations. This project received $270M of equity commitments which acquired over 30,000 acres across 5 states over the course of 3 years. 

Now Matthew leads MAEVLO, a family life investing company that is focused initially on oil and gas royalty acquisitions. The 60 Creek dashboard screen is literally burned into his retinae at this point, here is where he lives!

Chris Rediger

Let’s get it out there. Chris graduated from CSU with a major in History. After a surprise baby and a layoff in 2008 from the finance industry, Chris spent 5-6 years helping JP Morgan in it’s titling arbitrage function as an analyst. During that time, he realized that there was an opportunity to compete in the real estate industry using a discounted commission sales approach. Redefy was born and Chris served as CEO and Director as the chief architect of this first in class proprietary real estate software.

Redefy is industry-leading with its low customer acquisition cost, increasing agent efficiency enough to close transactions of over $2B in real estate sales. In 2015, redefy received the runner up award in the “Inman News-Most Innovative tech software” annual competition. He’s consulted for multiple prop-tech, mar-tech, title & mortgage tech and VC funding companies and was named in the “2019 Swanepoel Power 200 Watchlist”; ranking as one of the most powerful leaders in the residential real estate brokerage industry.