Data “Enrichment”​

You need to build enough of a relationship in order to conduct a transaction. But if all you have is a person’s name and mailing address, in today’s world, that’s not enough to even schedule a second date. You need to know more about the opportunities in front of you. Imagine your list growing like a tree, with phone numbers, social media handles, emails, and other useful information. Put in a few details about the people you need to connect with and we’ll go find more than just one way to reach them.

Algorithmic Data Append

Sounds geeky, because it is. Deliver your data sets to our robot and let it scan hundreds of data points and find out as much as is available about an entry on your list. It takes about a day, but when it’s finished, you’ll have a spreadsheet that’s much more robust and ready for the next step in the 60 Creek process

Simple Marketing Dashboard

- Send Physical Mail
- Send ringless voicemails
- Send Emails
- Send Text Messages
- Social Media Targeting

A few clicks to all your Marketing and Tracking

Now that you have a much more robust list, it’s time to start reaching out to people. Run through the menu and decide how you’d want to contact people, input your message, and you’re off to the races. Click “Send” and we’ll connect you with all the people you specify, on the schedule that’s best for you. We’re designed to do your heavy lifting, so all the content of these messages are meant to be from you, designed & catered to your heart's desire.

Get your phone ready, it starts ringing quickly.


We’ve come to realize that capturing a “No” is just a valuable as hearing a “Yes”. You need to track engagement on your list, and there’s no better place to do this in than here. We’ll give you the high-level stats that you need to know how you’re campaign is working, and who’s interested in becoming a seller.

Managing Contact
Details and Notes

When someone gets your voicemail, text, email, etc. and decides to call you back, you need to know who you’re speaking with and what the opportunity is. Add details through 60 Creek and keep call-notes in place so you can track every conversation you’re having and reference it quickly during the deal-making process.

Need Help?

Acquisition Target Management
We will actively engage with you in order to specify your acquisition target, whether by acreage or well bore-or both! We start with the data you have and work to structure it for optimal results.

Strategic Consulting

If you need some help on a strategic level, we are happy to make that connection with you. From our history in the industry, we’ve failed enough times to learn a few things and would be happy to engage you on a consulting level.

System Training

Need some help getting the 60 Creek system figured out? We can help you via video chat training and videos. It’s an extremely simple tool, but everything has a learning curve. We’ll have you up and running in no time.