Other Industries

Not Just for Oil and Gas

We know our solution fits other industries as well. We’re focused heavily on what we know, but if there’s an application that makes sense in your industry.

  • Wind lease and solar lease buying companies
  • Physical marketing companies (Billboards, Etc.)
  • Cell Phone Tower Land acquisition
  • Medical Equipment Sales
  • CPAs and bookkeepers
  • Jewelry Sales Companies
  • Tool Sales
Ideal For small teams and Solo-Preneurs

We’re custom-built to take the weight off of people who need to do more than one function. Larger companies have teams of people handling what we’re doing on the back-end. If you’re in sales or running your own company, you have a lot of hats to wear, and leading multiple marketing initiatives all at once is taxing. We work well with people who keep things lean and rely on good tools.

Best for Big Ticket Items

Our costs are low, but not if you are selling a low-margin product or service. For people who need to connect with a lot of people to find that one diamond in the rough, we’re a good fit. Mineral Royalties are a very big-ticket item, and we’ve adjusted our economics to reflect similar levels of transactions.


We have a sweet spot. We’re not the right tool for massive data sets and global marketing efforts, but if you have five hundred people that you need to connect with regularly, we’re a good fit. By creating a diverse set of “channels” in 60 Creek, you can stay top of mind with your best opportunities, but without doing that work as a full-time job.

Think you could use 60 Creek?